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Stream Corridor and Shoreline Protection

Stream Corridor and Shoreline Protection Stream corridors are complex ecosystems comprised of stream channels, their banks and riparian areas, and the plants and animals within them. Stream corridors and shorelines play an important role in providing unique and diverse habitat, flood protection, and water pollution attenuation.

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This is the Watershed Academy's Distance Learning Program—Watershed Academy Web.The Web site offers a variety of self-paced training modules that represent a basic and broad introduction to the watershed management field.


2 Preface Stream Restoration Preface Streams and rivers serve many purposes, including water supply, wildlife habitat, energy generation, transportation and recreation. A stream is a dynamic, complex system that includes not only the active channel but also the

Habitat recovery and restoration in aquatic ecosystems: current progress and future challenges - Geist - 2016

In terms of the restoration of aquatic habitats, source‐related (e.g. erosion control to prevent the introduction of fine sediment into streams) and endpoint‐related (´end‐of‐the‐pipe´, e.g. in‐stream substrate restoration) mitigation measures have to be distinguished.

Stream corridor restoration research: A long and winding road

Stream corridor restoration research: A long and winding road ... with stream corridor ecosystem restoration is beset by numerous problems. ... gained recent popularity in river restoration. In ...

Steam Corridor Restoration: Principles, Processes, and Practices

Why Is a Stream Corridor Restoration Document Needed? Interest in restoring stream corridor ecosystems is expanding nationally and internationally. Research is under way and guidelines are being developed for stream corridor restoration in both the public and private sectors.

Stream Restoration Design (National Engineering Handbook 654)

654.0103 Understanding stream corridor dynamics 654.0104 Fluvial systems 654.0105 Channels 654.0106 Key processes affecting stream corridor ecosystems 654.0107 Stream corridor habitats 654.0108 Disturbance and response in aquatic ecosystems

Stream Corridor Protection and Adaptive Management Manual

purpose of this Stream Corridor Protection Restoration and Adaptive Management Manual is to help City staff and citizens understand the importance of stream corridors and how they function, and to guide maintenance and management in all types of settings, regardless of buffer ownership.

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Stream Corridor and Habitat Assessment - Developed with Maryland Department of Natural Resources stream restoration biologists, this is a tool that allows students to grade different features of the stream corridor that indicate overall health of the ecosystem. Potential environmental problems identified as part of the Stream Corridor and ...

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component of the stream ecosystem. Stream Corridor Management Astream is only as healthy as the land it flows through. In return, the land area adjacent to the stream (known as the riparian zone) derives nourishment from the stream’s water. They are connected and depend on each other for their well-important to examine an extended stream ...

Stream Restoration

A comprehensive approach to re-establish the structure and function of an ecosystem, including its natural diversity, aquatic habitat and the riparian corridor 25 years of hands on experience with a dedicated team who’s able to see the vision of the client and the designer by using the precise tools to get them there.

7 Integrated Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration

Read chapter 7 Integrated Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration: Aldo Leopold, father of the "land ethic," once said, "The time has come for science to busy itsel...

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2019/02/15 · restoration projects to restore the stream/river to least erosive condition (i.e., equilibrium condition) and improve habitat. Restoration work includes channel/ floodplain modification to improve equilibrium dimensions/ connections OR

5 Rivers and Streams | Restoration of Aquatic Ecosystems

Rivers and streams have many of the same economic, recreational, and environmental values and uses as lakes. However, the stresses associated with human use may have begun earlier on rivers because of their importance as transportation routes when roads were few and as sources of power when the Industrial Revolution was in its infancy in the United States.

Chapter 1--Introduction: Ecological and Physical Considerations for Stream

Chapter 1 Introduction: Ecological and Physical Considerations for Stream Projects 654.0103 eat aquatic insects living in the stream, while stream Understanding stream corridor dynamics Stream corridors are complex and dynamic. Natu-ral or minimally altered

Mission Reach Ecosystem Restoration

Among the goals of the Mission Reach Ecosystem Restoration and Recreation project, one goal was to restore significant ecological functions and values to a section of the river that had been converted to a channel for flood control. Habitat improvements were a critical part of the design, and benefits of the project include provision of food, water, …

Anacostia Watershed Restoration Prince George’s County, Maryland

ecosystem restoration in the Anacostia River watershed in Prince George’s County. Primary project objectives include restoring in-stream physical habitat in the selected stream reaches and enhancing aquatic ecosystem resilience by restoring fish passage and longitudinal

River Restoration | Sweetwater Fisheries Group

River restoration and stream enhancement greatly improves fisheries habitats and promotes the long-term productivity of an aquatic ecosystem. At Sweetwater we recognize that there are many factors affecting the productivity and biotic integrity of each system, and take the proper approach to study each stream thoroughly.


2 OUTLINE Executive Summary A. Synopsis of the Big Spring Run Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Project A. 1. Location and Background A. 2. Motivation for Floodplain, Stream, and Riparian Wetland Aquatic Resource Restoration A. 3. Restoration

Stream Introduction

Why Is a Stream Corridor Restoration Document Needed? Interest in restoring stream corridor ecosystems is expanding nationally and internationally. Research is under way and guidelines are being developed for stream corridor restoration in both the public and private sectors. The number of case studies, published papers, tech-


This research indicated potentially harmful insecticides, even those banned for decades, pose a continued, although reduced threat to most aquatic organisms. Stream corridor restoration projects are rapidly gaining popularity, but general guidance for engineers charged with designing these projects is either unavailable or fragmentary and ...

Federal Stream Corridor Restoration Handbook (NEH-653)

Why "Stream Corridor Restoration"? There's more to a stream than the rushing or meandering water. A stream corridor, or stream valley, is a complex and valuable ecosystem which includes the land, plants, animals, and network of streams within it.

Where does fish habitat restoration fit in plans to

May 10, 2016 · The fact that the Los Angeles River Revitalization Master Plan establishes the restoration of functional riparian ecosystem as its singular long-term goal is in the best interest of native fish, and other wildlife of the Los Angeles Basin.


expectation of restoring the corridor to a pre-urbanization or reference braided prairie river system is not realistic or feasible. Therefore, restoration will in reality be limited to the extent the ecosystem can be rehabilitated and stabilized. Rehabilitation will require a design approach integrating multi-uses by analyzing the existing

E6 Abstract 2020 — National Stream Restoration Conference

The app will allow a wide range of users to perform a range of functions such as planning, implementing, and tracking floodplain restoration projects, river corridor protection easements, riparian buffer plantings, water quality improvement projects and habitat enhancement projects – all in the name of improving the connection between rivers ...

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Above material taken from “Stream corridor restoration, principles, processes, and practices.” 1998. US Department of Commerce, National Technical Information Service. Action Items. We will visit a stream site to assess the physical and biological characteristics of an aquatic ecosystem.

2019 Best Stream Restoration Project – Chesapeake

Best Stream Restoration in the Bay This category recognizes outstanding projects in the stream corridor that are explicitly designed to enhance the function, stability and ecosystem services of an urban stream. Strong contenders in

Stream corridor restoration research: a long and winding road

Stream corridor restoration research and practice are an examples of the application of ecology and engineering to solve a class of environmental problems. Research addressing problems associated with stream corridor ecosystem restoration is beset by problems that lead to poorly controlled or uncontrolled experiments.

Stream Corridor Inventory and United States Assessment

Stream Corridor Inventory and ... not only to stream corridors, but also to the ecosystems of which they are a part. These ... Restoration of aquatic ecosystems: science,

(PDF) Prioritizing riparian corridors for ecosystem restoration in

also needed to rank riparian corridors in terms of potential aquatic ecosystem restoration. ... for stream corridor restoration. This mapping technique allows watershed managers to visualize where ...

Pike River Review Plan - Detroit District, U.S. Army Corps of

The purpose of the Pike River project is to restore the aquatic ecosystem within Pike River to a more natural condition. Specifically, restoration efforts would include: improving in-stream fishery habitat and wildlife habitat by enhancing wetland and upland habitat within the river corridor while also decreasing flooding impacts,

Stream Corridor Restoration

Stream Corridor Restoration. This section is under development and review by the NRCS Stream Corridor Team Workgroup. Purpose is to provide an easy to access repository of technical training and design resources for NRCS employees. NRCS Stream Corridor Team Workgroup co-chairs are Kathryn Boyer, Fisheries Biologist, WNTSC, Portland,...

Riparian Restoration

Even in cases where riparian vegetation has been removed for decades and livestock grazing has compacted near-stream soil and caused dramatic down-cutting or widening of the stream channel, riparian restoration efforts have succeeded in reestablishing the structure and function of aquatic ecosystems (Platts, 1991).

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Each day, pressure mounts on the unique ecosystems that produce the fresh water vital to all life. Invasive aquatic vegetation degrades water quality, causing health problems for people, loss of habitat for fish and wildlife, and a decrease in property values.