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2. Asphalt Plant Inspection Terry Kluesner 1:30 A. Asphalt Aggregates and RAP B. Properties of Asphalt Binders /Traffic Levels C. Asphalt Mix Design / JMF 956 / Shades Program D. Asphalt Production Plant E. Asphalt Plant Safety F. Roles of Certified Plant Inspector v. Plant Monitor G. Plant Calibration 3.


A SIMULATION METHODOLOGY FOR ONLINE PROCESS CONTROL OF HOT MIX ASPHALT (HMA) PRODUCTION Ozgur Kabadurmus ... A typical drum asphalt plant (Pavement Tools Consortium, ... specification limits as dictated by the JMF, the system is out of control. In this case, ...

How to Avoid a Costly Shutdown at Your Asphalt Plant

Control systems can last in an asphalt plant for 10 years or more though it is recommended to periodically check with your vendor to see what may be outdated and what is new.


No sampling of asphalt mixtures is required in conjunction with Section 402 work. 13.3 QUALITY CONTROL PLAN (QCP) (Rev. 09-29-09) The contract specific steps that the contractor intends to use in its paving operations to ensure the construction of a quality pavement are included in its Quality Control Plan (QCP).

Asphalt Plant Control Systems

Asphalt Plant Control Systems Parker Plant RTS asphalt plant control system The Parker Plant RTS is based around a powerful industrial PLC interface, linked to an intelligent operator terminal. Key features are: Solid state technology throughout. Super-bright ...

400sp Hot Mix Asphalt Pavement 09-19-19

September 19, 2019 Page 1 of 23 SECTION 401 - HOT MIX ASPHALT PAVEMENT 401.01 Description The Contractor shall furnish a uniformly blended, homogeneous mixture placed as one or more courses of Hot Mix Asphalt Pavement (HMA) on an approved

Cold Feed Bins

Cold Feed Bins Aggregates are typically moved from the stockpiles to the cold feed bin using a front-end loader. Cold feed bins are used to accurately meter the different aggregates used in the mix to the drying drum. The amount of each aggregate is controlled by a combination of the gate opening at the bottom of the bin and conveyor belt speed.


Section 501. PLANT PRODUCED HOT MIX ASPHALT 501.01. Description. This work consists of providing and placing Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) mix using Superpave Mixture Design Methods. A. Terminology. Broken Aggregate. Cracked aggregate caused by construction operations. Crack. A visible fissure of varying length and orientation in the HMA,

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for asphalt concrete mixing plants are specified in Item 402. Set the asphalt binder controls for the computerized plant at the virgin asphalt binder content of the JMF at all times unless change is authorized by the Laboratory. Asphalt mixtures may be produced using the warm mix asphalt method according to 402.09 except as


PLANT PROJECT NO. LOCATION LOCATION FACILITY NO. REGION SHIPPING DATE MIX TYPE JMF NUMBER SITE MANAGER ID QUANTITY LOT NO. REMARKS: This form represents the certified quantities of asphalt mixture production. I certify that the asphalt mixture delivered to this project is in conformance with all contract requirements.


Select the JMF asphalt binder content using the Design Air Voids and ensure the JMF meets the other requirements of Table 441.02-1. Provide a mix design with at least four asphalt binder content points, including a minimum of two points above and two points below the JMF asphalt binder content.


f) Control of aggregates transferred from quarry stockpiles and delivered to an asphalt plant. g) Control of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) transferred from stockpiles and delivered to an asphalt plant. h) Requirements for labelling of storage bays, silos and bituminous tanks.

Hot-Mix Asphalt Plant Operations

The major components of a batch plant are the cold-feed system, asphalt cement supply system, aggregate dryer, mixing tower, and emission-control system. A typical batch plant is depicted in Figure 5-1; the major plant components are shown in Figure 5-2. The batch plant tower consists of a hot elevator, a screen deck, hot

Asphalt Plant Materials And Mix Design Manual Pdf

Asphalt Materials And Mix Design Manual - Engineering. purpose of the Manual for Asphalt Materials and Mix Design (hereafter referred to as The MANUAL) is to familiarize students with the technology of asphalt in its several forms namely asphalt cement, cutback asphalt, and asphalt emulsions.

Asphalt batch mix plant operation

Nov 19, 2015 · Asphalt mixing plant is key equipment for any road construction company. Any asphalt batch mix plant operation has many functions. This makes them a bit complicated compared to the drum types. This post will try and highlight the asphalt batch mix plant operation in the simplest manner.

Job Mix Formula

The end result of a successful mix design is a recommended mixture of aggregate and asphalt binder.This recommended mixture, which also includes aggregate gradation and asphalt binder type is often referred to as the job mix formula (JMF) or recipe.. For HMA manufacturing, target values of gradation and asphalt binder content are specified based on the JMF along with allowable …

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• Contractor is responsible for all activities at the batch plant during asphalt production and supply to construction site. • Attached are the Approved Job Mix Formula for Asphalt Binder Course Class "A" and Asphalt Wearing Course Class "B & C "and the applicable Job Mix tolerances.


asphalt is directly related to those gradation values. If the gradation levels of the asphalt are not within the specification limits as dictated by the JMF, the system is out of control. In this case, corrective action is taken to improve quality by changing the percentage of aggregates in the overall mix. The percentages of

OMT Asphalt Plant Inspection Checklist

3. Does plant have adequate and safe stairways or guarded ladders to plant units such as mixer platforms, control platforms, hot storage bins, asphalt storage tanks, etc. where inspections are required? Yes/No _____ 4. Is an inspection platform provided with a safe stairway for sampling the asphalt

Job Mix Formula Prequalification Program (JMF-PP)

If the JMF is verified, the supplier receives an e-mail notification along with a completed CEM 3513, Caltrans Hot Mix Asphalt Verification. The verified JMF is valid for 12 months. Hamburg wheel track (AASHTO T 324) and Moisture susceptibility (AASHTO T 283) test results must be based on plant-produced material.

1.2 This practice may involve hazardous materials

the production process used by the contractor will produce the desired JMF and design volumetric properties of the hot mix asphalt (HMA) on the first full day of production. This verification is done using the actual plant facilities and the actual project materials. 1.2 This practice may involve hazardous materials, operations, and equipment.

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MINDS is a leader in advanced easy to use Windows-based, customizable automation control systems for batch asphalt plants, drum plants, combo/hybrid hot mix plants, emulsion plants, silo load-out, full plant control and data management for the asphalt industry.

mixture cold bitumen plant

mixture cold bitumen plant [PDF] Cold recycling in plants of old asphalt pavements PIARC. Modern cold mixing plants have the same precision as plants for hot manufactured asphalt even if the control systems are less extensive. In cold manufacture, the granulate and aggregate are not heated but have the same temperature as the surroundings during


Plant Quality Control ... LA DOTD Profiler Inspection Certification Sticker ... asphalt (HMA) production plant and at the district laboratory. Any required document can be obtained from the department at a published price through General Files at 225-379-1107.

How to Optimize Asphalt Plant Downtime

How to Optimize Asphalt Plant Downtime In many areas, the winter months can provide valuable downtime for your plant operations. Make the most of that time with these maintenance tips.

Section 5: Plant Operations - Texas Department of Transportation

Section 5: Plant Operations HMA production is the first step in construction of HMA pavement layers. The basic purpose of an HMA plant is to properly proportion, blend, and heat aggregate, additives, and asphalt to produce an HMA that meets the requirements of the job mix formula (JMF) (Roberts et al., 1996).

Hot Mix Asphalt

All Walter R. Earle Corporation plants are equipped with and utilize the latest technology emission control, noise suppression, and dust control equipment. Our plants are tested throughout the operating season by outside licensed testing firms to ensure they continue to surpass the strictest criteria in the country.


by JMF, but also to decrease bitumen oxidation and in- crease the reliability and durability of equipment, as well as simplifying its control, maintenance and repair (Brock


the QCP and post the procedure and results in plain view in the plant control room and plant laboratory for reference by the Laboratory. Document all data from calibrations in a format approved by the Laboratory, and retain the data for review by the Laboratory. If asphalt concrete is being produced from a batch type facility, verify the ...


Provide a certified QMS Asphalt Plant Technician or QMS Asphalt Mix Sampling Technician at each plant site at all times during production of material for the project. Perform all quality control operations and activities, testing, and data analysis by or under the direct supervision of a certified QMS Asphalt Plant Technician.


WEM Automation is a worldwide provider of superior controls and plant automation with extensive experience in the Asphalt industry. In addition to engineering the most technologically advanced automation, WEM is well known for the best service in the industry, 24/7.

Asphalt Mixture Quality Acceptance

Provide certified Level 1 Asphalt Mix Technicians at each plant site used to furnish material to the project. Conduct all sampling and testing at the plant by a certified Level 1 Asphalt Mix Technician or by a candidate for certification working in the presence and under direct observation of a certified Level 1 Asphalt Mix Technician.

HMA Mix Design Fundamentals

HMA Mix Design Fundamentals HMA consists of two basic ingredients: aggregate and asphalt binder . HMA mix design is the process of determining what aggregate to use, what asphalt binder to use and what the optimum combination of these two ingredients ought to be.

Asphalt Plant Maintenance, Hot Plant Maintenance 1

Drum Plant Winter Maintenance Checklist Part 1 By Cliff Mansfield Another winter is nearly here. With the paving season drawing to a close many companies' thoughts are turning toward a winter repair regimen for their asphalt plants.

Job Mix Formulas, Explained

The job mix formula (JMF) submittal is the mechanism to confirm that the mix being produced is in accordance with the project specifications. We’ll first define three types of mix designs. Dense-graded mixes are the most common. They incorporate well-graded aggregate and 5 to 6 percent asphalt binder (by weight of mix).

Asphalt Forms for Contractor Quality Control

Retrieve Forms by Number Retrieve Forms by Title. Contractor Forms (QC) 675-030-20A Asphalt Roadway - Daily Report of Quality Control (Automated) - Required on projects let July 2015 and after.


411-11(a-d) 99 7-12-06 OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION SPECIAL PROVISIONS FOR ACCEPTANCE OF PLANT MIX ASPHALT CONCRETE PAVEMENT The se Special Provisions revise, amend and where in conflict, supersede applicable sections of the Standard

Effect of Aggregate Gradation on Measured Asphalt Content

TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH RECORD 1417 21 Effect of Aggregate Gradation on Measured Asphalt Content PRITHVI S. l